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Get access to the right, and most effective, mental care for your employees

43% more mental health complaints in 2020

43% of organizations indicate that absense has increased in 2020, due to increasing mental health problems

64% indicate that they have no control

64% of organizations indicate that they find it difficult to really know how their employees are doing

56% indicate that mental wellbeing is becoming more important

56% of organizations indicate that by 2020 their employees will find mental health more important than ever

The main reasons for OpenUp

Fast & easy

within minutes an employee can get in contact with a professional psychologist via chat, phone or video calls.


Practical tips and insights that fit all layers of your organization. Variating from a one-time consult to weekly guidance


Gain insight into the mental wellbeing of your organization through monthly reports without being able to see exactly who has contacted us.

Smart mental care, suitable for every employee

Support within the healthcare system

Support, coaching and referrals in the Dutch healthcare system - also for expats - if more is needed than preventive care.

Get insights through reports

Get monthly insight into the number of employees who have contacted us, complaints and more. Without you being able to see exactly who has been in contact.

Always a psychologist at your fingertips

Low-threshold and personal support and coaching of psychologists for employees via chat, telephone or video consults without waiting times whenever and wherever they want.

Inspiring articles, livecasts and programs

For any purpose, mood or interest, we offer inspiration and in-depth materials through your own secure environment within the OpenUp platform.

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"We think it is important that when employees have suffered mental problems, we help them. The professional psychologists of OpenUp help us with that".

Roos - Senior HR policy advisor Erasmus University

We are growing fast, so a lot of things are changing. For some employees this can be quite stressful. OpenUp helps our employees to be resilient for this". "

Leonoor - Head of People Ace & Tate

Meet our team

Our recognized psychologists work from the philosophy that daily practice is the key to sustainable change. Just as we sleep, eat, drink water and brush our teeth every day, it is also important for the psyche to be cared for daily.

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