Effective care for mental well-being

Give your employees access to professional care that truly helps

Our innovative way of working ensures high adoption rates and sustainable change


Starting with a self-test, a call or a single chat message.  Employees can reach our psychologists within seconds - from anywhere.


From one-off advice to a preventative treatment. Our psychologists look at an individual's needs and which interventions would be most effective.

Stronger Together

Our psychologists provide daily support - like a coach on the sidelines - to help employees reach their goals.


Our platform provides care to suit every employee

Always a psychologist at hand

Every employee has access to a psychologist - via phone, chat or video consultation.  Accessible, easy, on-demand.

Continuity of care

For whom it would be beneficial, we offer preventative treatments or referral to our healthcare clinic, iPractice.

Healthcheck for everyone

Our healthcheck provides every employee with insights into their mental health, and advice around potential improvements areas.

Inspiring articles, livecasts, programme’s and research

For every goal, mood or interest area we provide refreshing material on a personalized, secure environment within the OpenUp platform.

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Give your employees the care that is so badly needed

Psychological complaints

20% of employees experience psychological complaints

Sick leave

33% of sick leave is caused by psychological complaints

Ask for help

50% of employees are more prepared to ask for help than 5 years ago

Our certified psychologists are ready to help your employees

Myrthe Weijschedé 


Jan Helder


Nine Gramberg


Zoila Knel


Our psychologists have a 9,4 rating on ZorgkaartNederland

"Think of it as having your own psychologist on speed dial"

"I would advise everyone to call the psychologist on a bad day. At Erasmus University we have now offered OpenUp for two weeks and the number of consultations has doubled compared to the first week. Our proposition, to seek the help provided and not to wait until you actually have major complaints that you can no longer easily resolve, has been successful."

Roos Schelvis

Senior policy advisor Healthy and Safe Working & Researcher

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