The Coronavirus and our mental health

Many of the news stories we hear each day about the Coronavirus are negative.  This can lead to worry, anxiety or negative emotions.  Here we share some best practices that you can incorporate into your life straight away.

The Consequences of the Coronavirus on our Mental Health

The Coronavirus is undeniably having a big impact on all our lives. It is a new, unknown situation and something we have never experienced before. With the strict measures which are now in place, we are trying to limit the spread of the virus.


These measures mean we spend more time at home, work from home, have limited social contact and wash our hands very frequently. These measures are essential, but they fundamentally change the way we live – from our daily lives and work to contact with other people and our health.


This can influence our mental resistance and it may trigger feelings of sadness, anxiety, stress or loneliness. Here you can find programmes with best practices that you can get started with straight away. You can also contact our psychologists directly to discuss the consequences of Corona on your mental health.


Coping with Corona

5 topics


The Coronavirus and Family Life

3 topics


Coping with Corona for health professionals

3 topics


Programme for Long-Term Care Workers During the Coronavirus Crisis

3 topics

Programme: Coping with Corona


Learn to handle
'Corona fear'


Working from home effectively



'Corona sadness'


Adjusting to the ‘new normal’ at work


Finding the right balance

Programme: The Coronavirus and Family Life


Are tensions running high? Start by focusing on yourself!


Are tensions running high? Get the whole family involved.

Programme: Coping with Corona for health professionals


Learn the difference between commitment, influence and responsibility


Focus on your capacity
and resilience


Observe your thoughts
from a distance

Programme: Programme for Long-Term Care Workers During the Coronavirus Crisis


Focus on the Things you Can Control


Put Down Solid Foundations


Observing your Thoughts Helps you to Feel Calm


Accessible and affordable mental health support for all.

OpenUp offers professional care for everyone.  Our certified psychologists believe that the key to sustainable change is daily practice. Just as we sleep, eat, drink water and brush our teeth daily; it’s also crucial for our psyche to be cared for every day.

Reach out to our psychologists today for immediate support.

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Feedback from OpenUp users

“ After one OpenUp consultation I had strategies for coping with my heavy workload. I pause more often now, making sure I think before acting.  I have become a lot more effective.” 

“I'd been sleeping poorly for quite some time and was awake worrying at night. Thanks to the psychologist of OpenUp I have learned to think differently. I do still fret, but it doesn’t keep me up any more. I feel fit again.”

“ A lot was changing in my life, both at work and privately. The programme and exercises offered through OpenUp taught me to find calm within this unrest. I go to work happier than ever." 

How does OpenUp work?

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