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How much does OpenUp cost?

We believe psychologists should be accessible for everyone. That's why an initial consultation is always free. After that you pay €99 for 3 consultations (25 minutes each).
Does your employer have a collaboration with OpenUp? Then the consultations are paid by your employer after the consultation. Ask the online psychologist how many consultations your employer pays.

Are you a hospital employee and insured with an IZZ insurance at VGZ? Then the consultations are covered and you won’t pay a deductible.

I booked an OpenUp consult, but now I can't make the scheduled time.  What can I do?

There are links to easily reschedule or cancel your consult in the confirmation e-mail you received after booking the consult.

Can I book a follow-up consult with the same psychologist?

Absolutely. We'll send you a link in the follow-up e-mail after your consult.

How many OpenUp consults may I book?

In order to offer our services to the widest possible audience, we offer every Dutch person 3 OpenUp consults per year. It is possible to receive more guidance from our psychologist. Your psychologist will be happy to discuss the options during your consult.

How should I prepare for my OpenUp consult?

To ensure your OpenUp consult is as effective as possible, we ask you to think about the following questions: 1. ​What's the main reason you booked a consult with OpenUp? 2. In your opinion, what would be a good outcome of the consult? Your psychologist will start every consult with these questions.

For my OpenUp consult I'd prefer to call without video - is that possible?

Although a consult is more effective with video, you are free to just do an audio consult. Simply deactivate the camera in the video call.

OpenUp has been offered to me by my employer or health insurance - do they know if I book a consult?

No, we never share information about you with anyone without your explicit approval. Even if the consultations are offered by IZZ and VGZ, no confidential information is shared. If you use the offer of IZZ and VGZ for a free consultation, we will share your customer number with them so that they can validate that you are actually insured with them. This information is not shared with your employer. Also not with your employer. Information you share with us is strictly confidential. At OpenUp mutual trust and our professional code of conduct are paramount in the services we offer.
If the consult is offered to you by your employer, they will pay the bill. We have agreed that we will not indicate on the account who has had OpenUp consult(s). This guarantees confidentiality.

Does my health insurance cover the costs of an OpenUp consult?

No, OpenUp does not offer insured health services. Your OpenUp consult is, however, with a certified psychologist. This means that we work with quality statute, and that we adhere to our professional code of conduct. There is a complaints protocol if you are not satisfied. All this means you can be ensured of a high quality health service. Are you a hospital employee and insured with an IZZ insurance at VGZ? Then the consultations are covered and you won’t pay a deductible.

What are OpenUp opening hours during the holidays?

On Monday - Friday we are open from 08.30 - 21.00 and on Saturday from 13.00 - 21.00 Amsterdam time.

During the December holidays we have slightly different opening hours.

We are closed on:
- Friday December 25th
- Saturday December 26th
- Friday January 1st
- Saturday January 2th

The next days we are closed from 17.00 on:
- Thursday December 24th
- Monday December 29th
- Wednesday December 30th
- Thursday December 31st

How does OpenUp work?

OpenUp offers accessible psychological help, via chat, phone (020-2444888) or a videoconsult. The consults take 25 minutes. We always start with a free introduction to examine what is going on and if your request fits the services we offer. If we cannot provide the service you need, we will help you search for alternatives. OpenUp also works together with several employers and insurers. During your introduction, your psychologist can tell you exactly what agreements have been made and what you can expect.

What is the difference between OpenUp and regular psychological treatment?

OpenUp makes psychological help accessible for everyone, making sure everyone can develop or maintain their mental well-being. If you are struggling with something small, or something big; in your work life or in your private life. Different from regular psychological care, we don’t focus on diagnosis and treatment. That is why you don’t need a referral from your general practitioner. OpenUp focuses on prevention and sustainable (behavioural)change. This all with the goal of improving your mental health.
OpenUp is not a replacement for regular psychological care. If the nature and intensity of your struggles are severe enough for an official diagnosis, we will refer you to regular health care.

Do I need a referral letter from my GP?

No, you don't need a referral letter for OpenUp.


How confidential is the information I share with OpenUp?

Information you share with us is confidential and will be treated as part of our professional code of conduct. We do not share information with anyone without your explicit approval, so also not with your employer or health insurance company (IZZ, VGZ). At OpenUp mutual trust and our professional code of conduct are paramount in the services we offer. That is why it goes without saying for us that your privacy is a fundamental right. (See also: How is my privacy guaranteed?)

How is my privacy guaranteed?

At iPractice mutual trust and our professional code of conduct are paramount in our services. That is why it goes without saying for us that privacy is a fundamental right. We attach great importance to the protection of the personal data of our (future) clients. Our business operations are organized in such a way that you as a (future) user of our services can be sure that the personal data you share with us is in safe hands. Below we describe the principles on which our privacy & data policy is based. For more information, please refer to our detailed privacy statement. Your data is your own

  • We ask you for permission to use your data when we need it
  • Except for (psycho) medical and legal purposes, we delete data relating to your treatment as much as possible at the end of your treatment
  • We do not provide your personal data to third parties, unless this is necessary for the performance of our services
  • You can request your data from us or have it removed at any time
  • We ask you for permission to use your data in anonymous or pseudonymised form for the improvement of our diagnostics and treatment. In this way we improve our (psycho) medical care for future clients
Insight into and the processing of your personal data is limited
  • We only process your data for the purposes for which it is necessary
  • Only employees who are involved in the treatment have access to your (psycho) medical data, other personal data is only visible to employees who need it for our business operations.
  • Our practitioners are medically certified and covered by professional confidentiality
  • Where possible, we work as much as possible with anonymised or pseudonymised data
We work in a secure environment, and with reliable partners
  • Our systems and processes are secured to prevent your data from being used for purposes other than those for which it is intended
  • All partners we work with to provide our services are selected based on strict requirements regarding their reliability
  • We have concluded data processing agreements with all our partners
We comply with all applicable laws and legal guidelines
  • We comply with all guidelines that apply within the framework of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and existing rules on privacy in healthcare
  • Our processes match the NEN7510 standard for healthcare as much as possible. We are working hard to obtain this certification

OpenUp uses 24sessions for video calling - is that safe?

Yes, 24sessions is a reliable application, easy to use and complies with privacy legislation.

Is OpenUp NEN7510 and ISO27001 certified?

Absolutely. We are NEN7510 and ISO27001 certified, which means that we meet the (legal) requirements for information security within healthcare.

Chat subscription

How do I know if a chat subscription is what I need?

Whether a chat subscription is suitable depends on your personal situation. The nature, the duration and scope of your question(s), your previous psychological treatments and the needs you have right now. We examine this together in the free introduction. Chat therapy is suitable when you would like information or inspiration about a certain topic. Or when you would like a psychologist to take a look at your thoughts, feelings and behaviour to get a better insight in your personal situation. Or when you would like guidance on how to put these new insights into practice in your daily life. In reality it's often a combination! Chat therapy can also be helpful when you have completed another psychological treatment and you would like to follow up on the steps you have made.

How does the chat subscription work?

To see whether chat therapy is suited for you, we always start with an introduction via chat free of charge. Together we take a look at your needs and whether it fits the service of OpenUp. When that is the case, you can start your 8 week free trial. After that it's €10 per week. When you are registered for chat therapy, we will ask you to download Wire, our secured chat application. Next, you will mail your Wire username to Within 2 working days we will match you with a psychologist and your chat therapy can start.
Your subscription will be debited from your account monthly, on the day your subscription started.

What is the difference between a chat subscription and other OpenUp services?

With the chat therapy, you are in touch with your psychologist via chat. OpenUp also offers the possibility to talk to a psychologist. This is possible via phone (020-2444888) or a videoconsult. The consults take 25 minutes and cost €99,- for 3 consults. It is also possible to combine our services.

Which application do we use for the chat?

For chat therapy we use the secured app Wire, which you can easily download via the App or Play store. Wire complies with the healthcare privacy legislation.

Is chatting with a psychologist safe?

Yes it is. For chatting we use the secured app Wire. Besides, reciprocal trust and our professional code are leading for our services. In addition we are NEN7510 and ISO27001 certified, which means we comply with the legal requirements for information security within health care.

How often can I chat?

You can send an unlimited number of messages to your psychologist via chat, whenever suits you. It is often useful to write your thoughts or feelings down immediately (online).

How often do I receive a response from my psychologist?

You can expect a response from your psychologist about twice a week on average. Your psychologist will keep an eye on your message, and will find an opportune time to respond.

How much the chat subscription cost?

Everyone is eligible to a free trial for 8 weeks. After that the costs are €10 per week.

I will be on holiday or I am sick. What happens with my subscription?

During your own holidays, or when you are sick, your subscription will carry on. It won’t be paused or extended.

My psychologist is sick or is going on holiday. What can I expect?

When your psychologist is sick or goes on holiday, you agree together on how to proceed. You can choose to carry on with your subscription with another psychologist or to take a break. If it is not possible to discuss this together with your psychologist (for example in case of sudden illness of your psychologist) we will contact you within two working days to discuss the options.

Can I talk to my psychologist via a videoconsult as well?

Yes this is possible. It is possible to purchase additional videoconsults. You can purchase a 3 session card with us here. This includes 3 sessions of 25 minutes for €99,-.

Is my subscription automatically renewed?

The first 8 week are free. Towards the end of this trial period you and your psychologist will discuss if it makes sense to continue. If you choose to continue, your subscription can be terminated every month.

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