Stress is good for you - what?!
Yep, it really is.

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If you google ‘stress’ you will be quick to believe that stress is your archenemy. For years professionals have also been convinced that stress will mostly make you ill. However, more and more scientific research indicates that it’s much more nuanced. Stress even seems to be good for you!

Stress prevents stress

Average stressful situations (giving a presentation at work, a difficult conversation, tight deadlines, etc.) keep you mind sharp. It gives a stimulus to be optimally alert and provides improved cognitive performance. Stress on a regular basis makes us more resilient to react properly to stress. Insofar that your brain keeps teaching your body to react better to stress. It makes us more resilient to sickness and keeps our brain and body in better shape. So completely avoiding stressful situations is not the solution! Besides; this would lead to new and more stress, because you are losing your resilience (think of the scales).

Stressing about stress

What if it were to become apparent that not stress, but the way that you think about stress is the big evildoer? People who experience lots of stress, but don’t believe it to be harmful, have a much lower chance of experiencing adverse effects of stress. In fact: even less than people who hardly deal with any stress! As we move into this programme we will delve deeper into how we can influence our way of thinking about stress.

“Make stress your friend”

Kelly Mcgonigal,

Do you want to know more about ‘stressing about stress’? Then watch this TED Talk (Viewing time:  14:28)

Reflect & Connect

Answer these 3 questions and share your answers with your online psychologist and/or a friend:

1. Which stressful situations would you label as 'positive'?

2. Which stressful situations would you label as 'negative'?
3. Which stressful situations would you rather avoid?

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