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Lately 42% of HR employees has to deal with more questions about mental health and 48% says that colleagues are having a hard time.
That is why we offer companies a
free voucher for three employees, every voucher consisting of three consultation with a psychologist. Register your organization now! 


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Why we do this

56% - find mental health more important

56% of HR employees says employees value mental health more than 1 year ago

48% - is having a tough time

48% of HR employees says collegeagues are having a tough time mentally

43% - increase in absenteeism

43% of HR employees says absenteeism has increased over the last year

Reasons for OpenUp


You deserve good (mental) care


Personal support via chat, telephone or video calling


Work on your challenges.
Where and when you want

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What do our clients think?

4.7 / 5

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of our clients are satisfied


consultations every month

“Very pleasant experience”

"It is nice to have a listening ear right away when things are not going so well. In a short introductory meeting, this is a nice advice that I can continue with."

OpenUp client, June 2020

"This is a relief!"

"Easy and accessible way to talk to someone. It gives relief to talk to someone outside your office"

OpenUp client, July 2020

OpenUp case studies

"A conversation with an OpenUp psychologist is a kind of MOT for your mind."

Erasmus University

“A conversation with an OpenUp psychologist is a kind of MOT for your mind. ” A wonderful compliment from the HR Policy Advisor of Erasmus University. And it emphasizes exactly what we want to achieve: giving everyone access to low-threshold psychological help, without queues . By reflecting early on what is going on inside you, you gain insight into the causes and you get tools to deal with, for example, work pressure in a better way . Something they appreciate at Erasmus University: "We think it is important that if employees have developed mental complaints, we support them. The professional psychologists of OpenUp help with this!"

"For some, the situation during Corona was stressful and worrisome."

Ace & Tate

At Ace & Tate, they use the help of our licensed psychologists to prepare employees for and learn to deal with change. This is the case with many people in this corona time. At Ace & Tate, for example, there were more online initiatives and a solution- oriented look at upcoming challenges. But not everyone succeeded in maintaining a positive attitude and approach. For some, the situation was stressful and worrisome. “We are growing fast, which means that a lot changes often. This can be stressful or worrisome for employees. OpenUp helps our employees to be resilient to this. ”

Meet our team

Our recognized psychologists believe that daily practice is the key to sustainable change. Just as we sleep, eat, drink water and brush our teeth every day, it is also important for the psyche to be cared for daily.

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How does it work?

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Sign up and get access to free consultations for up to three employees via a secured link with a professional psychologist.

Employee books consultations
In the first consultation the employee will get to know his/her psychologists, and discusses their personal situation. Together they'll build a plan and tackle the challenge in up to three consultations.

Practical tips and insights

Every consultation the psychologist will give the employee practical tips and insights to work on their mental health challenge(s). 

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