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You can see psychological well-being as a well trained body. If you take good care of your body every day, you will be strong. A strong body that can take a beating, a body that recovers quickly and that has a healthy immune system. The same goes for the psyche. If you take good care of your psyche, it will become stronger, more flexible and capable of recovery after psychological pain

We believe that professional help should be accessible to everyone. Accessible and affordable.
From a one-time online consultation to daily guidance - it starts with OpenUp.

How does OpenUp work?

Free initial introduction to our psychologists

OpenUp provides easy access to psychologists. Reach out to us for free to see if OpenUp is right for you.

Confidential and secure online consult

OpenUp offers 25 minute online consults. For one-off advice, a mental health check or daily coaching. Together we’ll take a look at what’s right for you.

Immediate insights and actiontable next steps

So far 20,000 people have reached out to our psychologists.  85% experienced OpenUp as (extremely) helpful. 

A selection of our psychologists

Myrthe Weijschedé 


Jan Helder


Nine Gramberg


Zoila Knel


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Our philosophy


We believe that the key to sustainable change is daily practice.  believe that the key to sustainable change is daily practice. Just as we sleep, eat, drink water and brush our teeth daily; it’s also crucial for our psyche to be cared for every day.

Stronger together

It often helps if you share your thoughts, emotions and challenges with someone else. An online psychologist can provide daily support - like a coach on the sidelines - to guide you in achieving your goal.


Each person can make a difference in a world that is in constant flux. What positive action can you take today? Which goals and dreams do you want to achieve?

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