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Webinar - How to live a meaningful life?

Webinar | Time to read: 2 min | Time to watch: 60 minutes

How to live a meaningful life? And why is it important?

Everyone has a different view of what living a meaningful life means. Some have big plans, while others have smaller ones. One thing is certain, it can help you build good mental resilience and find happiness.

One person gets energy by working a meaningful job, while the other gets energy from helping out someone in need. But how do you know what is right for you? And how do you make sure that today's distractions have a minimal impact on your goals? We recorded a webinar to discuss the meaning of a meaningful life.

Myrthe Weijschedé & Jan Helder will discuss if it has to be something big? Spoiler: No. And how do you know what suits you. They will first discuss the theory of a meaningful life, followed by practical tips, insights and everyday examples.

Why do you want to watch this webinar?

It's 2021, and lot's of people like you, are working towards certain goals. But not everybody works towards the goals that really fit their needs. Some set goals that are too big, others set goals that are simply not in line with what they really want, from the inside.

This webinar helps you on your way. We give practical tips and insights that you can use in everyday life. Furthermore, we will discuss examples, to show you that leading a meaningful life can be driven by goals, big and small.

At the end of this webinar you'll know:

  • Why living a meaningful life is important, even if it is something small;

  • How you begin with living the life you want to life;

  • How happiness and a meaningful life go together, but are also different;

  • Practical tips and insights you can use in your daily life


Jan Helder is an occupational and organizational psychologist and always focusses on awareness and recognition first. He will tell you how to do so.

Myrthe Weijschedé is an occupational and organizational psychologist and has also worked as a consultant. Both as a consultant and psychologist, the question of how to live a meaningful life passes by regularly. By looking closely at your strengths and interests she stimulates you to challenge yourself in finding small or big life goals. All to find happiness in your daily activities.

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