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Webinar 'Work stress and a better work-life balance' - you can watch it back now

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Webinar | Time to read: 2 min | Time to watch: 30 minutes

How do you deal with stress? How do you keep a good work-life balance? Your work and private life become more and more involved with each other. Especially now that we have to work from home because of Corona. It is now even more difficult to set boundaries and maintain a healthy balance between the two.

How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance despite the increasing work pressure? How do you let go of my work when my working day is over? What are practical tips that I can use tomorrow? Last November 19th we hosted a webinar that covered work stress and a good work-life balance.

Why you want to rewatch this webinar?

This webinar will show you that stress isn't something bad, if you know how to deal with it. We will questions about (work)stress and a health work-life balance, we cover the theory behind stress and give you practical tips and insights. We basically show you that with a few small changes you can already take big steps forward.

At the end of this webinar you'll:

  • How (work)stress influences your daily life;

  • When you suffer from (work)stress or a, for you, unhealthy work-life balance;

  • How you'll start getting control over a better balance;

  • Practical tips, tools and insights to start working on your (work)stress today.


Zoila Knel is healthcare psychologist (GZ-psycholoog) and OpenUp teamlead. She has a lot of experience in guiding people with (work)stress and burn out complaints. In her treatments Zoila always focusses on building resilience. Finding your values and strengths are the centre of her practical tips and insights.

Myrthe Weijschedé specialized in organisational psychology and also worked as a business consultant. She fully understands work is part of your day-to-day life and has a huge impact on how you feel. She likes to search for chances and opportunities, and believes that connection and trust are the centre of everything.

Rewatch the webinar now:

Presentation slides:

You can now download the presentation here

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If you want to talk to us about stress, or a specific individual question please feel free to plan a consultation. We are happy to help you on your way.

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