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3 session card for €99

How does the 3 session card work?

1.  Buy card

For €99 you get 3 online sessions with your OpenUp psychologist.  Would you like to first test the waters?  Book a free introductory session.

2.  Schedule session

After payment you can directly schedule your online session with your OpenUp psychologist.  After each session we'll send you a link to schedule your next session.

3.  Book progress

In addition to providing insights and practical tools, your OpenUp psychologists will personally guide you - like a coach on the sidelines - in achieving your goals.  

Our clients give us a 9.0

"Accessible, so one dares to talk openly. Solution-oriented, nice that I got specific actions with which I could start practicing with immediately."

OpenUp client, May 2020

"The psychologist listened intently, she gave me both insights and practical tools. As a result of our conversation, I believe that my complaints are not so bad / normal and that I can work to improve them myself."

OpenUp client, May 2020

“ I had been sleeping badly for ages and was often waking up during the night. After my conversation with the psychologist, I learned to think differently. I still worry, but it doesn't keep me awake." 

OpenUp client, March 2020

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