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We are proud that you have chosen to work with us to improve the mental wellbeing of your company!

Our goal is to ensure that you and your employees have an optimal experience. That means we need to make it is as easy as possible for you and the other employees to take the first step towards OpenUp. 

Therefore you'll find the following elements on this page:

  • Introduction video for employees

  • Template messaging for a successful launch

  • Your personal OpenUp team details

+316 3824 6927

Introduction video for employees

We want to introduce OpenUp to your employees in a personal and accessible way. The introduction video above will help you do so. You can copy the YouTube URL to help you with your launch. But there is more..


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Template reporting onboarding

Via the button below you can download our onboarding package containing the following elements:

Template messages;

1-pager for employees;

Our logo - for internal communication;

Our promises.

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Meet your team

This is your personal team. They are not only available when you have questions or remarks, but they will also share monthly updates on reports, webinars, blogs, online programmes and articles.

Jesper Vieveen

Account manager

Myrthe Weijschedé

Chief psychologists

Rik Plender

Head of finance

+316 3824 6927


+3120 771 7996


+3120 771 7996

Chamber of Commerce: 7162961

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